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Dear NPT Author

Being a member of an old manga fandom that finished 10 years ago, yet whose fanfiction section still somehow manages to be overrun with anime-inaccurate-based fics isn't easy. Its even less easy when the only character in the fandom who you even love to read about isn't very popular with writers and who also just-so happens to be one of the characters that aforementioned inaccurate anime got totally, totally wrong!

The fandom I'm talking about? Fruits Basket. The character? Shigure.

It still amazes me that a series that was once renowned as the "best selling manga in America," whose releases seemed to even once top the charts of the New York Times (a first for any kind of manga, mind you!) has all but faded into obscurity, forgotten by the winds of time and the ever revolving door of "flavor of the month!" fads. But Furuba to me deserves better than this, its a manga that- dare-I say it- can easily go toe-to-toe with conventional literature and thus should be enshrined and remembered as the classic it is in manga canon.

It is, in my humble opinion a literary masterpiece and a literary masterpiece deserves a more active fandom.

Not only that but where oh where are the fics written about quite possibly the most complex and interesting character in all of Furuba? Shigure? Oh sure don't get me wrong, there are plenty of Shigure fics out there but those tend to more often than not, use the dreadful anime version's characterization of him, where he's reduced to nothing but a happy-go-lucky, bumbling pervert with naught but a care in the world but with his heart in the right place!

MY Shigure is pretty much the complete opposite of that. My Shigure is deliciously dark and twisted, he's conniving, manipulative, selfish and a very much "ends justify the means" kind of a guy. Yet at the same time he can also be incredibly insightful regarding other's feelings and on the human condition as whole, simply put there is more to him than meets the eyes, he is, as so eloquently put by the manga itself, a ripple. "If you try to bring it close to you, it pulls away. Though it may brush against your feet... If you try to catch it, it will pull farther away. He's a man who can't be caught." (excerpt from Fruits Basket volume 3, chapter 16)

My favorite Furuba character has and always will be Shigure, unfortunately there aren't as many manga!Shigure centered fics as I'd like there to be. Really I don't even care about shipping with this character, I'd just love for there to be more manga!Shigure fics exploring his deliciously twisted and complex jellyfish-like self!

Anyways here are some of my prompts:

Shigure/Hatori: Shigure and Hatori are having yet another one of thier heart-to-heart talks regarding his feelings for and plans for Akito, (like in chapter 16 of the manga) can take place anytime during the series and can feature Hatori's innermost-thoughts on the matter, would totally be fine with shipping hints, at least from Hatori's side (especially if they're unrequited and we see him getting jealous of Akito!)

Shigure/Tohru: I'd like for this fic to be Shigure's musings on her, continuing off from what he told her in chapter 111 "Maybe I should have dreamed of you." Either that or just him contemplating his plans for her and how he really is the worst.

Shigure/Rin: Shigure's thoughts during the time when she offered herself to him in exchange for information about the curse, alternatively a fic set pre-series where Shigure discovers Rin with Hatsuharu and was the one who tipped Akito off on them, his musings/thoughts as he does this.

Shigure/Ayame: Shigure for once, is having one of the many "serious" talks about his plans with Ayame, OR a conversation takes place between Shigure and Ayame during their high school days based on chapter 110 when Ayame cruelly rejected that girl and Hatori's comment was what set him on his path to change. Shigure gets wind of Ayame wanting to change and cruelly mocks him, Ayame is then left to ponder just how far Shigure's darkness goes and wonders if he and Hatori even really know him.

Hatori/Ayame/Shigure: Set from the dream of Akito's conception till after her birth, Shigure's new found obsession awakens twinges of jealousy within Hatori and Ayame as they watch their life-long best friend begin to grow distant from them. Hatori and Ayame have a heart-to-heart about Shigure's enthrallment of the dream and how it seems like Akito is the only thing that's ever on his mind these days, even with the growing distance between the trio the two 10 year olds take solace in the fact that they at least still have each other. Can be a one-shot or multiple chapters chronicling Shigure's change from the time of Akito's conception.

Akito/Yuki: Takes place pre-series based on the scene in volume 15 when Yuki is describing his past and he witnesses Shigure cradling a young Akito. What really went on during that scene? Yuki asks Akito about it, can also feature instances of Shigure's cruel indifference to Yuki and inner-thoughts based on his jealousy of Yuki being Akito's constant companion. 

Tohru/Akito: Can be either gen or femslash, if gen would like a fic set post-manga where the two canon couples Tohru & Kyo and Shigure & Akito meet up for a reunion and reminisce about the past and how everything ended up, can be fluffy, bonus points if it features stuff from Another like their kids Hajime and Shiki! If Femslash, the curse breaks and Shigure muses on things not going quite according to his plans, as in rather than getting Akito to himself Akito falls for Tohru instead and she her! Shigure laments on where he ended up.

I'm okay with any other Furuba characters in the fic and the prompts don't have to be followed exactly detail for detail, these are just meant to be a general outline of what I like so please no pressure! 

If you notice from my letter I only included 1 out of the minimum 3 fandoms you're required to put down in order to sign up for NPT. This is because unfortunately I was late for nominations and only one of my fandoms managed to be nominated this year. However in order to better my chances of beating the RNG system and getting a Furuba fic I chose the other two fandoms based on the likelihood of overlap with Furuba. From what I remember during the LJ days when Furuba was booming, there was quite a bit of overlap from the Furuba fandom with the Saiyuki and CLAMP fandoms, all the Furuba BNFs seemed to be in those two fandoms as well and so I picked those two fandoms.

While I'm really hoping for a Furuba fic however I'll totally understand if my writer doesn't want to write for it and instead picks one of the other two fandoms, them's the brakes no hard feelings here I'll totally understand that that's just the luck of the draw! Please write for whatever fandom you'd like, maybe I'll just get my request as a treat instead, the important thing is I at least tried and that you're able to write what you really want, so please don't feel obligated to do my exact request.  Whatever you choose to write know that I will read and appreciate it. In fact, the very fact that I don't know that much about the other two fandoms I picked gives you permission to really go crazy for either of them and write about any relationship/scenario you so desire, canon or AU. Let your creative juices run wild, with a little research at my disposal I'm able to appreciate any well-written work! (I also have various friends in the Saiyuki and Tsubasa fandoms too who would love to read your fic even if I'm unable to truly fully appreciate it, if you'd be so kind to allow me I'd love to share your work with them as it might be just what they were looking for! And actually Tsubasa I do know quite a bit about since I love CLAMP, its just Saiyuki I'm in the dark about but I'm more than willing to catch up on the manga and get informed from my friends in the fandom during NTP in order to prepare to read the fic.)

Now onto my likes and dislikes...

Likes: manga!Shigure characterization, canon compliance, acknowledgement of Shigure's twisted feelings for Akito, exploration of Shigure's inner thoughts and self and his various relationships 

Dislikes: Anime!Shigure, Anime-based Furuba fics, OOCness, complete ignoring of Shigure's feelings for Akito which make up a large portion of his characterization, ignoring of canon in general/AUs.

Really I'm pretty easy to please, just give me one manga!Shigure based fic following manga canon and I'll love you forever! Don't care which of my prompts/relationships you choose or whether it's a one-shot or longer-chapter fic, so please fic-Santa won't you make my very humble wish come true?



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